Portland OR USA and Dublin, Ireland. August 21st , 2014 VersAccounts* Ltd. today announced that former Sage UK/Ireland executive Liam Mullaney will lead the expansion of VersAccounts, a provider of small business mobile cloud ERP and accounting solutions, into Europe. Liam Mullaney, former CEO Sage Ireland, is accredited with growing Sage to be the dominant market leader for business management solutions in Ireland. A longtime supporter of cloud technologies, he also pioneered the development of Sage’s cloud payroll solution for the UK and Ireland using the Ruby on Rails platform.

“We are really thrilled to have an executive of Liam’s caliber and seniority join the VersAccounts team,” said Sunil Pande, CEO of VersAccounts Ltd. He has the deep experience that VersAccounts needs to grow its business globally. More important, though, is Liam’s creative and lateral thinking and his culture of always focusing on the customer. These qualities perfectly match the VersAccounts way of doing business.”

“I am really excited about helping VersAccounts meet the needs of the $2.5B small business ERP market that remains poorly served today,” said Liam Mullaney. “These are rapidly growing companies that have complex operations. They need a full function ERP but can’t afford it. So they make do with accounting software, spreadsheets and manual processes. VersAccounts’ mission is to change this by disrupting the traditional pricing of ERP systems and making them affordable to these small businesses through the use of cloud and mobile technologies.”

The pricing model is disruptive and so too is the route to market: VersAccounts will only operate through a partner channel and it’s 50/50 all the way. “It’s so refreshing to operate a simple pricing and partner model with no channel conflict and a customer first approach every time!” said Liam Mullaney.

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