Case Studies

Case studies from select group of projects

Xtuple Accounting/ERP Case Studies


One of largest charities in Europe choses Compiere ERP

London stock exchange

Linux and open source software pay off for PayPal

Magento Showcase

Taking Open Source to the Limit: Geeks On The Way Case Study

vTiger CRM

Openbravo Customers

Nolapro Independant reviews
Nolapro partial client list

OrangeHRM (bottom right hand corner)

Adempiere Case Studies

FBA Open Source case studies


Federal government department for agri-business is adopting open source software. They wanted a platform independent, open source accounting system with french language support. They wanted to be able to integrate with their web shopping cart and non-profit membership system, which is also running on an open source platform. They have a mixed environment with a Linux server, some workstations on MS windows and some on Linux. They wanted a system which fits their current needs, can adapt and grow, and does not lock them into a proprietary vendor or platform. There are plans to move this solution out to other associated businesses in the area, and other government departments, for little additional cost.

Restaurant franchisee which had to move off their existing proprietary accounting system, in a short period of time due to an urgent situation. We were able to get them up and running in under 3 weeks. They are are using the free and open source community version of the accounting software. We have implemented some enhancements, and contributed them back to the community.

Manufacturer of Inks Sometimes “rip and replace” is a good thing. Especially if your company has an aging ERP system running on an outdated database that had not been implemented properly to begin with. These were just some of the issues and shortcomings that affected day-to-day operations at Pemla Ink Technologies, a leading North American manufacturer and developer of ink and ink technology, based in Montreal, Canada. Pemla Ink

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Bluepulse technologies

Gongshow wear clothing


Manufacturer of safes. We implemented a free and open source, web based human resources system to track information about their workers, leave time, and vacations etc. Guardex Safes


Walpert eCatalogue

Medium sized retail Operation. We implemented an open source web based eCommerce system for a brick and morter store that wanted to sell their home furnishing products online. Le Rouet

Dumoulin Bycycles

Other FBA projects

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