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Where is Xero going?

From The CentricLogic Blog: Xero investor_presentation_may_2013_-_external_v2  link to Xero slide pack outlining their strategy.  This is a public document! The rising star of the SaaS accountancy market is Xero.  NetSuite has been around much longer, generates more revenue and has … Continue reading

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SUSE Study Shows Linux on the Rise in the Enteprise

by Sam Dean – Aug. 15, 2013 Most people who keep up with Linux know that it has been a giant success at the server level, and powers much of the server infrastucture of the Internet. In fact, many Internet … Continue reading

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Wave SAAS accounting – a lot of new and interesting stuff

New app Receipts for Android From the Pro webinar Slides from the Pro webinar. A recording of the webinar,  

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