Integrated Accounting/ERP, Entry Level, Nolapro

Project sponsor


Main Web site

Live demo

Instructional videos or Screencams

Documentation, FAQ

Community Forums


Case studies

Nolapro Independant reviews
Nolapro partial client list


Deployment alternatives (In-house, SAAS, VM)

Free in-house, SAAS hosting available

Technology employed

XAMPP Open source platform base, PHP application level is compiled, except for integrated shipping cart which is open source


Web based, built on open source components and data base

Platform independant

Free for in-house install of base system + inexpensive hosted option

Feature rich – ex. strong inventory control, integrated POS, B2B, B2C etc (depends on company requirements)

Backed by commercial enterprise – Noguska (developers)

Reasonable support plans available

API in development (See docs online)

Easy to use and forgiving (ability to unpost)

Good partner program – includes add-on for hosting clients (for dealers and VAR’s)

Lots of plugins (mostly from Noguska at this time)

French version in development (Spanish version completed)

Good discussion forum

Very good documentation and training material available online

Dashboards for each module – for highlights, and things that need attention

Online demo

Specialized system available for commercial printers

Seems to be a reasonable sized installed base (taken from case studies, and company history)


PHP application code is proprietary – all customizations must be done by Noguska

Community is not very large, but growing

No Report writer for modifying reports or forms – requires customization (see for possible alternative)

No download of bank transactions

Lack of a demo database for testing

Payroll is US only

CRM is very rudimentary

General comments from evaluation and other users

Interesting business model which is different than most ERP projects. Overall, very good solution that I expect to continue to improve and evolve over time.

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