Integrated Accounting/ERP, Mid Level, Xtuple

Project sponsor


Main Web site

Live demo

Download and install using windows installer to install locally. There are also versions for Mac and Linux, and a virtual server machine that runs on Linux.

Instructional videos or Screencams online

Documentation, FAQ

Comparison of the different versions

Ref Guide

Demo Guide

User Docs

All Files on sourceforge

Community Forums


CSVImport tool


Case studies

Blog, Community site

Deployment alternatives (In-house, SAAS, VM)

In-house install. Could also be hosted, but a client must be installed on workstation, and updated with each new version.

Virtual machine is also available.

Technology employed

QT4 framework for C++ , and Postgres data base)


Platform independant

Very strong in manufacturing

Postbooks very full featured for a free and open system

3 levels – all open source, but top 2 are not free

Mature and reliable system

Backed by a solid commercial organization, with good support

Parts of the system are web based, such as the B2B components

Application client has some advantages over browser, such as more flexible windowing.

Large and active community. Good DIY support forum.

Easy automated installation

Good integrated report writer

Good extensions and plugins available on exchange section of site (see link above)

Good documentation. Good training material and videos.

Available in several languages

Scalable upgrade path to commercial versions


App client must be installed on all workstations, and updated when the program is upgraded. Most of the system is not web browsable (except B2B component)

General comments from evaluation and other users

Suitability of feature set depends on client needs. Good choice for most medium sized organizations. Can always start off with Postbooks and do a full evaluation or pilot test etc.

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