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Fred Blauer and Associates Inc.
14589 – 6 Aumais
Pierrefonds, Montreal, Quebec
H9H 4X3
Telephone: +1 514 667 1555
Mobile Phone: + 1 514 895 6178

Skype – fred.blauer

1 Response to Contact information

  1. You posted to my LinkedIn question about providers in Ecuador. After reviewing your site, I do believe that there are some possibilities to collaborate.

    At the moment, our primary project is LedgerSMB (a spinoff of LedgerSMB). I expect LedgerSMB 1.3 to enter beta this month. However, as we start the project in Ecuador, I would expect that we will get involved in more projects in terms of software engineering and heavy-lifting elements of projects.

    If you are interested in further discussions, please let me know.

    Best Wishes,
    Chris Travers

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