Integrated Accounting/ERP, Mid Level, Front Accounting

Project sponsor

Front Accounting

Main Web site

Live demo

Instructional videos or Screencams



Installation guide

Update guide

Community Forums

API’s / add-ons

API interface for PHP add-ons supported

Case studies


Deployment alternatives (In-house, SAAS, VM)

In-house install, could be hosted, could be installed on a VM and distributed

Technology employed

XAMPP stack, PHP based on Apache and Mysql


Fully open source

Completely web based and platform independant

Good user interface, easy to use

Includes custom report writer

Good automated installer

Good active community. Good co-operation with weberp community.

Relatively mature. Based on same code base and table structure as WebERP.


Doesn’t seem to have a large installed base, but growing

General comments from evaluation and other users

Feature set suitability depends on company requirements. Similarities to Weberp.

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