Open source Accounting/ERP for Small and Mid Sized Manufacturers, Distributors, Retail, Service businesses and other industries





Main Web site

New Features/Developments

Version 6.0

Deployment alternatives (In-house, On-demand (cloud based)

Technology employed

Python – see videos on Open Object Framework


  • Server and database are Platform independant
  • Tons of modules for different industries and special uses
  • There is only one version of the software which is both free and open source
  • Both the client and server are available in the Ubuntu repository, making the current stable version easy to install
  • Mature and reliable
  • Backed by a solid commercial organization
  • The system supports both app client and web based interfaces
  • Large and active community, 50 countries. Good partner network.
  • Several ways of installing
  • Good integrated report writer
  • Good documentation online – version 6 docs in progress
  • Good localization and other language support (Ex. Quebec chart of accounts, sales taxes etc.)
  • Good Integration with other open source projects, such as Magento, Asterisk etc.


  • The project sponsor is based in Belgium, and some of the webinars are in the middle of the night EST.

General comments from evaluation

Compares favorably with other alternatives, both open source and  traditional, proprietary solutions. Good choice for most medium sized organizations. Can always start off with a minumum number of modules and add more

Full evaluation or pilot test is easy to do. As usual, suitability of feature set depends on client needs, but there are a lot of features available out of the box, and with all the add-ons.

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