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French Gendarmerie switch 85,000 PCs to Ubuntu and save €€€

France’s Gendarmerie Nationale recently decided to review its IT infrastructure policies. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, now reports the police force has upgraded its 85,000 PCs to Ubuntu Desktop Edition, removing its reliance on the Microsoft operating system completely. As … Continue reading

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Why Your Firm Needs to Offer Fixed Prices

Pricing is the moment of truth––all of marketing comes to focus in the pricing decision. –Raymond Corey, Industrial Marketing:  Cases and Concepts, 1962 In the last article we explained why hourly billing is the incorrect theory of value, and why … Continue reading

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Canada’s ehealth software “tower of babel”

Billions of dollars are being squandered in Canadian purchasing of health software for reasons of industrial policy, which is leading to disastrous technical problems and vast overpayments to technology companies and consultants, critics say. With governments about to engage in … Continue reading

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