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Main Web site

Live demo

Instructional videos or Screencams


Community Docs

Community Forums

Case studies (Testimonials)


Extensions (plugins)

Deployment alternatives (In-house, SAAS, VM)

Can be downloaded and installed in-house or deployed on demand in the cloud

Technology employed:

Based on PHP, Mysql and Ajax (similar to SugarCRM)


Has more features out of the box than SugarCRM Community version. There is only one version for everyone, and the business model is to derive revenue from services. Good best of breed alternative to SugarCRM. Good support and flexible deployment alternatives. There are many extensions and plugins available.


Company “brand” is not as well known as SugarCRM, and the community isn’t as large. Not integrated with an ERP.

General comments from evaluation and other users

Should be compared to SugarCRM as a “best of breed” CRM solution. Features are different and fitness for purpose depends on your specific need, however you have nothing to lose by doing a full evaluation. It is worth spending the time to test.

2 Responses to Horizontal.crm.vtiger

  1. Rick Leir says:

    did nolapro hijack your first vtiger link?
    HTH — Rick

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