Integrated Accounting/ERP, Mid Level, WEBERP

Project sponsor

Main Web site

New portal site in progress

Live demo

Instructional videos or Screencams

Documentation (online)


Community Forums


Case studies

Article from Linuxworld


Deployment alternatives (In-house, SAAS, VM)

In-house, in the cloud, VM is out of date but will work

Technology employed

Xampp stack with minimal Javascript


Completely open source and web based

Mature, feature rich, and reliable. Performs very well with little resources.

Active community. Share information  with front accounting project

Good support.


User interface is not pretty, but quite functional

Web portal is outdated, but this is under development.

General comments from evaluation and other users

Could benefit from integrations with other projects, such as vtigerCRM, or OrangeHRM. Apparently there are modules to address this, and also services functionality under development.

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