Survey of OSS/Hybrid/SAAS Systems


Open Source Solutions For Small Business Problems (Book)

Various Open Source Business Projects

(All have community versions, but many also have enterprise versions)

(slashes indicate project forks)

Personal Finance
Gnucash, Jgnash

Entry Level Accounting
OSfinancials/Turbocash, SMB Ledger/SQL Ledger

Mid level Accounting/ERP
Xtuple Postbooks, Front Accounting/Weberp, OpenERP

High End Accounting/ERP
Openbravo/Adempiere/Compiere, Apache OFbiz

Vertical Market
CiviCRM, OrangeHRM, Posterita, ProjectPier, ProjectOpen,ReOS, OSCAR

Content Management
Word Press, Drupal, Joomla


Magento, OSCommerce, Ubercart

Business Intelligence, Budgeting
Pentaho, JasperReports, OpenRPT, Adaptive Planning

Productivity, Workflow
Open Office, Process Maker, DimDim Conferencing

Operating Systems
Ubuntu, Fedora, Opensuse

Hybrid based on Open source components

Entry level accounting

Nolapro – Xamp based with compiled PHP layer

Mid level ERP

Openpro – Xampp based with proprietary application layer

G1 Weberp – Xampp based with proprietary application layer (not to be confused with

High end ERP

Ollwin – Java based on postgresql with proprietary framework and application layer

Commercial, Proprietary SAAS Alternatives

Entry level accounting
Quick Books Online (US only?),  Xero,  ClarityAccounting

Mid-High level accounting/ERP

Service Industry
Intervals project and time tracking

Highrise, Salesforce


For assistance in the implementation of Open source Best of Breed and integrated products

Fred Blauer and Associates on the Web

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