Integrated Accounting/ERP, High End, Adempiere

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Worldwide Community and Idalica

Main Web site

Additional home page

Live demo

Another live demo

Virtual appliance Installation

Windows Installer

Instructional videos or Screencams (see educational movies)

Developer tutorials from Red1

Training Courses

University accredited course is being developed by Malasia eUniversity (See wikiversity)


More docs

Even more docs

Community Forums

End User Forum

API’s and plugins

Extending Adempiere

Case studies


# of implementations


Deployment alternatives (In-house, SAAS, VM)

In-house using installer, VM option, hosted options at Idalica (address above), Installer CD

Technology employed (taken from Wiki)


ADempiere has a very good architecture (inherited from Compiere), it is designed with the intention of following changes as business evolves. At any time, customers can change the information structure, adjusting to new information needs.

  • Model-View-Controller
  • Active Data Dictionary
  • Multi-tenant
  • The multi(s) – (organization, currency, accounting, costing, language, taxes)

Useful Accessories

  • Eclipse IDE
  • Embedded Log4J for debugging purpose
  • Jboss Application Server deployment
  • Compiler and Installer routines
  • DB Backup and Restore routines


  • Java JDK 1.5
  • Supported Databases:
    • Postgresql 8.2 with PL/Java
    • Oracle 10G/11G (supports also XE version


It’s recommended to install apache as proxy or mod_jk (Apache Tomcat Connector) server for adempiere. Ports used by default:

  • Web – 80
  • SSL – 443
  • JNP (RMI) – 1098 (1099)
  • AJP13 (mod_jk) – 8009
  • Class loader – 8083


Very powerful, and scalable. Recommended for large enterprises.

Very flexible installation and deployment options for server and client. Support for multiple databases. Access thru web interface or Java client. GWT client is in developement.

Application and all components are fully open source. Code inherited from Compiere which is very mature and has a large installed base.

Tons of documentation

Large and diverse community. The biggest and most active I have seen.

Model view controller architecture is designed to facilitate customization, and adapaptability to different environments. There have been different versions created for different industries (ex. apparel from Idallica). There is a good integrated POS from Posterita, and manufacturing from Libero.


Complex installation, maintenance, and support. This can be mitigated by using the windows installer, the installer CD, or VM image for installation. A lot of expertise is required to support.

Resources are somewhat scattered. Most of the information is on the wiki.

Community forum is old style and hard to search.

General comments from evaluation and other users

The more I learn about this project, the more it amazes me. It is very powerful, and there is tons of stuff here. I Recommend a thorough needs analysis, business process review and implementation plan.

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