Articles on Open source and cloud computing

Links to various news items of interest to small and medium sized businesses looking to adopt Open source and cloud based technology in their companies

The Small Business Guide to Google Apps – good alternative for MS Exchange

Want Broader BI Usage? Crystal Founders Offer Indicee

SAP executive bloodbath continues

Open Source ERP Software Leader xTuple Launches iTuple for iPhone and iPod

The UK government can reduce cost and risk by migrating to open source

Install xTuple ERP Postbooks Edition

French Military Donated Code to Mozilla Thunderbird

5 Open Source companies that will rule the post-ERP world

5 technologies expected to see huge growth in US gov’t

The New Economics of Open Source in the Enterprise

EMR likely to boom throughout 2013

Enterprises saving $26 million per project with open source

New kids in the Open source cloud

The success of open source software (book)

More small businesses are adopting open source

Open Source ERP Applications: They’re Real and They’re Spectacular

Proprietary vendors lose £30bn to open source

Government’s first cloud service now open for business

Boom Time for FOSS

Open source software can save India $2 bn

The End of IT 1.0 As We Know It Has Begun

Open-source ERP grows up

U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency teaching the feds to open source

10 Ways Open Source Can Save Your Company

The Business Model of Commercial Open Source Software

Open Source Software saves Indian IT@schools program $2 million

Why cloud computing needs open source

Edmonton considers divorcing Microsoft

The Gap moves from Windows to Red Hat Linux

Open Source Software Market Accelerated by Economy and Increased Acceptance From Enterprise Buyers, IDC Finds

Microsoft Profit Falls 29% as Software Demand Wanes

Born free – Open-source software in the recession

Open source in small and medium sized businesses

Of hospitals, health and private information (Vancouver Sun)

Cloud computing to fuel open source explosion

The Economist: Open Source Software in the the Recession

FOSS, the Recession and the Lower-TCO Promise

Forrester: Lots of room for open-source growth | The Open Road – CNET News

Commissioned Study Shows Open Source Paves The Way For The Next Generation Of Enterprise IT

Open source gains while proprietary software declines | The Open Road – CNET News

Study: Open source worth $387 billion (in savings) | The Open Road – CNET News

Open-Source Software Gains As Moneymaker

SugarCRM: Opening up the source to SaaS | The Open Road – CNET News

Opening new doors with Open Source – Features – CRN Australia

Business is booming for open source

MS Exec’s join Openbravo

Article on Sugar vs. Salesforce

Open source ERP article about xtuple

xTuple Open-Source Community Provides An Edge In ERP

Apple needs open source in the enterprise

Open source makes serious headway in the U.S. Department of Defense

Forrester’s five phases of open-source success

French police: we saved millions of euros by adopting Ubuntu

Open source apps player xTuple expands vertically and starts thinking modularly

Open Source ERP – A Review of Compiere

Open Source Paradigm Shift

For assistance in the implementation of Open source Best of Breed and integrated products
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