How xTuple Ignited the Global Open Source Community in 2013

How xTuple Ignited the Global Open Source
Community in 2013

xTuple - World's #1 Open Source ERP

Standing-room only xTupleCon13 — xTuple’s inaugural open source ERP
user conference — showcases software advances and highlights community

NORFOLK, VA — October 25, 2013 — Promoted as the “ultimate user
conference for the world’s #1 open source ERP community,” the first ever
“xTupleCon” drew together attendees from every corner of the globe, including
customers, value-added resellers, technology partners, and users of the free
and open source (FOSS) xTuple PostBooks. xTuple CEO Ned Lilly welcomed the
overflow crowd into downtown Norfolk, Va., home to the company’s corporate headquarters.

xTuple's Timeline InfographicLilly
detailed the history and accomplishments of the company
to-date and addressed the company’s development roadmap for the future.

xTuple’s Annual Community Awards were presented at the closing ceremony by
Wally Tonra, vice president of sales; Danielle Kerner, director of partner
channel development; BC Wilson, director of product strategy; and CEO Lilly.

Presentation of “Elite Partners,” selected via a thorough annual analysis by a
core group of xTuple staff, kicked off the ceremony. Elite assessment categories
cover achievement in sales, marketing, technical expertise, and customer support;
a minimum score of 80 out of 100 possible points; and at least one new successful
implementation project in the past twelve months.

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