xTuple 4.1 Features Open Source Business Intelligence Integration

xTuple 4.1 Features Open Source Business Intelligence Integration

By: Taija Jenkins, Associate Editor – CPA Practice Advisor
Created: September 10, 2013

xTuple, developers of open source enterprise resource planning software, announced the release of an updated version of its accounting, CRM and ERP software. xTuple 4.1 adds sales to the mobile web offering and includes new manufacturing and distribution features.

The updated xTuple ERP integrates an open source business intelligence suite with the software’s mobile web client providing users with a deep-dive sales analytics capability and simple graphical dashboards for several modules. Other enhancements include the addition of the sales module to the mobile web client, joint CRM and Project modules, updated manufacturing time clock management, simplified order entry for distribution users and numerous minor bug fixes.

The next-generation mobile web solution is compatible with any tablet or smartphone and is also available for on-premise xTuple installations as well as the xTuple Cloud service. While the source code for the mobile web solution is available for free download, xTuple now offers a simplified service to install the full solution on-site for any user with a current xTuple installation.

“xTuple users have the best of both worlds,” said CEO Ned Lilly. “Office-based users can continue to use the desktop client, while more mobile users will be able to use increasingly more of the application on their tablets and phones. With the addition of the sales module to the already-released CRM, mobile users can now develop sales prospects, issue a quote and convert the quote to an actual sales order in the ERP back home – all while having access to the full complement of customer information, such as credit status and historical sales. And the integrated BI tools provide instant access to key performance indicators of company performance for the executive on-the-go.”

xTuple 4.1 is now available for evaluation in a free trial cloud service and the company is offering special rewards on commercial upgrades through September 30, 2013, as well as professional services help on any edition of xTuple through the end of 2013. xTuple ERP is available on-site, in xTuple’s public cloud, or in the customer’s choice of private cloud environments and is fully transferable from one deployment to another. It is available on any desktop or mobile operating system.

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