Kemp Electric Chooses xTuple ERP for Wholesale Distribution Software System

Notable deficiencies in vendor support is well-known problem in distribution software

Kemp Electric Supply Co.

Kemp Electric Supply Co.

xTuple is an IMARK Member Service Provider and has worked closely with IMARK to build out functionality for its electrical distributor members

Norfolk, VA (USA) (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

After his company outgrew their old business management software, Kevin Biltz of Kemp Electric Supply Co. embarked on a search for a replacement. Biltz knew he needed more – and better – information from his internal systems. He was wary of older systems acquired over time by legacy vendors such as Epicor, Sage and Infor. Exorbitant costs, unreasonable time to implement and notable deficiencies in vendor support were well-known problems in the distribution software marketplace.

Kemp Electric wanted to find an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software which could be implemented quickly and cost-effectively but, most importantly, could reliably meet the intricate and unique needs of the electrical wholesale distribution industry.

As part of his research to replace his existing systems, Biltz looked to the Member Services Program offered by his industry marketing group, IMARK – and found an innovative company called xTuple which offered an open source ERP with a special focus on industrial distribution. He then piloted the free PostBooks version of xTuple ERP to ensure it met his needs. The flexibility and ease of customization inherent with open source technology was immediately apparent, and he quickly came to a decision. Kemp Electric purchased a commercial xTuple PostBooks license with the Wholesale Distribution add-on package (xWD).

“We needed a more reliable, powerful and flexible ERP system that would allow us to take full advantage of what modern technology can provide,” said Biltz. “An added benefit was that xTuple is an IMARK Member Service Provider and has worked closely with IMARK to build out functionality for its electrical distributor members.”

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