Linux and Opensource to dominate the world?

I have always been a big linux guy, (especially on servers).

Most people don’t seem to realize that Android IS Linux. I don’t have to explain how they have taken over the smart phone market, (certainly in terms of market share at around 75% worldwide, last time I checked). For people who aren’t aware, Linux is an OS kernel with a GUI (also known as a distro) wrapped around it (of which there are many choices).
My personal favourite is Ubuntu. (They seem to have the most interesting strategy and best potential to take over everything):

I think Ubuntu has the best chance of taking linux to the mainstream desktop, which seems to be the only area where Linux doesn’t already dominate. The PC certainly is the most visible device, but not necessarily the most important, since any decent modern application should be platform independent  allowing you to chose. It is only the old legacy apps which force you to chose a proprietary operating system platform, but this will eventually go away as applications move to modern platforms (like web based, html5, javascript etc). If your old apps lock you in, its time to move on anyways. There are lots of great alternatives. 

Linux has already quietly conquered the mobile phone, and the server market. Next are tablets and then eventually the desktop.
They will also be running the car industry:
and the cloud, which is increasing in importance:
(This is the next generation operating system for the cloud)
Nothing short of world domination, as afar as I am concerned.

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Fred Blauer is a senior consultant with more than 20 years of experience providing information systems consulting, ERP implementation, syste
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