Hungry for xTuple – food distribution and manufacturing companies

Posted Fri, 02/08/2013 – 14:16 by bcwilson

In the food industry, not just any ERP software will do.

The regulatory and operational needs of food manufacturers and distributors mean that only a sophisticated, flexible, cost-effective ERP application such as xTuple can provide a viable solution.

We’d like to highlight the features that make xTuple a “natural” fit for food and describe our plans to serve this marketplace even better in 2013 and beyond.

Here are some things that should make food producers hungry for xTuple:

1. If you process food, traceability of ingredients and lot tracking of item sources is an absolute inflexible requirement. When the FDA comes calling, you need to be able to know where everything came from, what went into what, and where it ultimately was shipped, instantly and accurately. xTuple does sophisticated lot/serial tracking.

2. If you buy and sell food products, you probably deal with items where you buy and sell by weight, but where there is no fixed weight per case. You need to capture the actual weight when products are received or shipped, and set prices accordingly. This is often referred to as “catch weight.” xTuple does catch weight.

3. If you sell to national grocery chains, you need to be able to automate your ordering/invoicing processes to comply with a variety of EDI formats and requirements. You’ll need to receive orders electronically, process them quickly, and send your acknowledgement and your invoice in the required format to receive your payment quickly. xTuple does data interchange in multiple formats, over multiple transport mechanisms.

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