For Most Businesses, The iPhone Doesn’t Matter

Monday, 08 October 2012 03:06
iPhone5A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Orlando and a car service met me at the airport. The driver was a nice man who spoke almost no English. But that made little difference. Because what was the first thing he did once I was settled in the backseat? He took out his iPad and updated the office with details of my pick-up time, number of bags and destination. When we arrived at the hotel where I was staying, the driver again completed the order with my drop-off time and took my credit card using the tablet. His office knew where he was at every turn by the device’s built in GPS system and notified him of his next pickup. Other than the election, the biggest recent news story seems to be all about the iPhone 5. We’ve heard about its record sales. The lines around the block at Apple stores. The rave reviews. The disappointment with Apple’s mapping software, followed by the company’s apology. It’s been a regular soap opera. Yet for businesses, both large and small, the news is completely irrelevant. The iPhone 5 doesn’t matter.And neither does any smartphone. I use a Motorola phone that runs a version of Google’s Android operating system. I have many clients that are still committed to their Blackberrys. All of these phones are fun to use. Many of us have the little productivity apps like Evernote, Square, Xpenser and others I’ve previously mentioned. We use our phones of course for making calls and checking our emails. We send texts and oftentimes rely on its navigation software to direct us to our customers’ locations. Smartphones will always have a place in our business lives. But they won’t be our primary business devices.

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