Releases Open Source Software

May 21, 2012

The General Services Administration (GSA) announced on May 21 that Data.Gov partnering with the Government of India National Informatics Centre has produced an open source version of that is being made available today, the third anniversary of The open source product, called the Open Government Platform (OGPL), can be downloaded and evaluated by any national Government or state or local entity as a path toward making their data open and transparent.

Based on Drupal, the core software includes a data management system, web site, and social networking community support. This full package, in early release, is now available for public download, comments, and open source development. The combined U.S. and India team is helping expand the global open government movement by making open data software and services available to developing nations, cities, and governments around the world. Prior to this announcement, 30 other national governments have launched their own versions of open government websites. In addition, U.S. states and local governments continue to deploy open data portals.

In using an open source method of development, the OGPL community will provide future technology enhancements, open government solutions, and community-based technical support. OGPL exemplifies a new era of diplomatic collaboration that benefits the global community by promoting government transparency and increasing citizen engagement.

Follow OGPL on Twitter at @OGPL and on Facebook. Join the world of open data, discover new information and find ways to get and leverage data for your research, cause or business. Visit



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