Goodbye Personal Computers. Hello Personal Cloud.

cloud-computing-futureAnd here is thy corporate future… two years from now, personal computer will take a back seat. The personal cloud will be the new sun of the corporate solar system. It will be the everyone’s most important possession… which is strange because it’s not tangible. That, however, is beside the point.  Gartner’s scientific crystal ball has revealed what the corporate world will look like in 2014… and it’s cloudy.

This needs clarification.

Gartner is not saying people will not be needing personal computers anymore. It is only saying that it will not be a center of business operations. People are going to be more flexible, mobile and limitless by 2014 and they will not let a piece of hardware to limit what they can do. Ultimately, people will be mobilizing every available resources to do what they need. Those devices include smartphones, tablets, and even barrowed devices.

The expectation of consumers is to be able to move seamlessly between devices as if all these devices are one. In essence, that is already beginning. Apple is promoting heavily the benefits of owning Apple devices. Updating your calendar, for example, on your iPad will automatically update your calendar on your iPhone and macbook.

By 2014, that seamlessness will cut across devices, all brands, and all countries through the cloud.

They are labeling it the post-pc era. This may be a little inaccurate because the transition is not about hardware or software. It’s about the change in lifestyle and culture.

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