Rackspace to deliver Production-Scale Openstack Cloud Platform

from OStatic blogs by Sam Dean

With the OpenStack spring conference taking place in San Francisco this week, there is already a wave of OpenStack-related news arriving. The open source cloud computing platform, of course, is shaping up for fierce competition with Citrix’s CloudStack and other platforms. Now, Rackspace, one of the organizations that helped OpenStack get started, has announced that it is about to take the wraps off of one of the biggest production-ready OpenStack deployments of any kind.

HP and numerous other companies are making big bets on OpenStack, and an extremely well-funded OpenStack Foundation is taking shape as well. Meanwhile, Rackspace has announced what it bills as the “first large-scale, production ready next generation cloud, powered by OpenStack and backed by Fanatical Support.” Purportedly, the deployment features “a robust portfolio of cloud solutions such as Cloud Servers, Cloud Databases, Cloud Block Storage, Cloud Networks, a completely new cloud Control Panel, Cloud Monitoring and support for the OpenStack API.”

The API support, of course, means that organizations can easily build flexible, OpenStack-based tools, including Sofware-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools on top of the platform.

“We’re impressed with the speed and performance of Rackspace Next Generation Cloud Servers. The API is remarkably reliable and we can be comfortable with its stability thanks to its OpenStack heritage,” said Karthik Ram, director of engineering at ScaleXtreme, in a statement. “This may be one of the first Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings to take full advantage of the power of open standards and we’re excited to be using it.”

Limited availability sign-ups for cloud services are open now and Rackspace will begin providing access to full services on May 1. Some services are available now, but won’t be supported until May 1.

Rackspace has been clear in saying that it is focused on helping organizations deliver hybrid cloud solutions, including public and private applications. In a statement, Melanie Posey, research vice president at IDC, echoed this focus and added some analysis:

“The expansion to its OpenStack cloud offering has given Rackspace a more comprehensive portfolio of solutions, which now spans across computing, storage and networking. The ability to address critical business needs in these key areas will help them open new doors and extend their reach to a broader range of customers. Rackspace’s Cloud Networks solution in particular is going to eliminate some of the hesitation businesses have around cloud adoption by providing a programmatic approach to networking, which in turn, enables more seamless hybrid cloud and virtual data center implementations.”

Much more news about OpenStack will emerge from the conference taking place in San Francisco this week. Stay tuned.

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