Ford OpenXC open source car

By on 02/16/2012 10:01 PST
We all know that Ford churns out plenty of cars for America, as well as pickup trucks, but they did suffer a dip in popularity Stateside when the Japanese invaded the US with cheaper and better built vehicles. Well, Ford has more or less remained in the picture much of the time, and has done reasonably well for itself, too. The company looks to the future in the form of an open source car, and has just announced OpenXC, their open-source connectivity research platform. Having rolled out beta test kits already, those will be shipped to developers and universities worldwide.

Basically, this is an exercise to encourage developers to create apps for the car just like how they would churn out app after app for a smartphone. Of course, the dynamics on how a vehicle app works would be very different from that of a smartphone. To view a vehicle as the equivalent of a software platform for a smartphone is definitely an evolutionary step.

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