The new OpenERP touchscreen Point of Sale

The brand new OpenERP touchscreen point of sale available with 6.1 allows you to manage your shop sales very easily. It’s fully web based so that you don’t have to install or deploy any software and all the sales shops can be easily consolidated. It works in connected and disconnected modes so that you can continue to sell if you lose your internet connection.

Here’s a summary of its main features and benefits:

100% WEB based

  • available for any touchscreen device (ipod, ipad, any tablet)
  • mobile (with portable devices)
  • no installation required

Packed as a standard OpenERP module

  • no installation, easy deployment
  • allows customization & adapts to different needs

Integrated with OpenERP

  • no synchronization needed, completely integrated
  • all OpenERP available, use OpenERP for backend
  • consolidate shops almost in real time

Work offline, with no server connection

  • continue working even when your connection is down
  • if you close your browser, data won’t be lost

Sexy & easy to use

  • fully web based with a clean interface
  • smart interface

You have different options to select your products. You can do it through the barcode reader, just browse through the categories you have put in place (ie. drinks, snacks, meals, etc.), or text search in case neither of the other options work for you.

If you need to use the POS for your restaurant, for example, your employees can record at the same time multiple tickets without having to wait to do one transaction at a time. Along, to facilitate payment, the application allows multiple payment methods.

The POS application is so simple and accessible to use that your shop or restaurant will never need any other tool to manage orders. Due to its smart and user-friendly interface you don’t need any training to learn how to use it. Think of it as an out-of-the-box solution to boost your business’ productivity.

Date : 24th January, 2012

About fblauer

Fred Blauer is a senior consultant with more than 20 years of experience providing information systems consulting, ERP implementation, syste
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2 Responses to The new OpenERP touchscreen Point of Sale

  1. saqib says:

    have you tried sales Refund in OPENERP 7 POS

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