Telltale Signs You’ve Outgrown your Accounting or ERP Solution

Here is a webinar that we conducted this week, at Focus research. You will have to register to view the webcast:


On-Demand Webcast

We’ll Help You Identify the Gaps and Cover Your Next Steps in This Webinar

As your business grows, there comes a time when your existing accounting or ERP solution no longer effectively answers your needs. This isn’t always obvious but you should be ready to identify the warning signs before your business is held back by an outgrown or outdated solution.

In this webinar, experts will help you:

  • Recognize the key indicators it’s time to move on
  • Assess your unique business needs
  • Evaluate and select the right solution


Featured Speakers:

Fred Blauer, CEO, Fred Blauer and Associates, Fred is a senior consultant with more than 20 years of experience providing information systems consulting, ERP implementation, systems auditing, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance services. He has past experience as a Director of Information systems in a mid sized CA firm, as a manager in the information systems audit division of Ernst & Young, as well as in the information systems consulting practice for small and mid sized clients.

Fred has worked on numerous projects and assignments including: Sarbanes Oxley compliance using methodologies such as COBIT; security audits; substantive testing using tools such as IDEA and Monarch; needs analysis for ERP systems; system selection and evaluation; project management; and implementation of various accounting and ERP systems.

Heather Scarpero, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Sage Heather has been with Sage for over 5 years and holds dual roles as the Sr. Director of Product Marketing for Sage ERP Accpac and Sage ERP MAS and the Sr. Director of Global Product Marketing for Sage ERP Accpac.  Heather has held previous roles at Sage in strategic marketing, partner programs and the Sage Accountants Network. In addition to software, Heather has also held marketing positions in the financial services and health care industries over the past 12 years. Heather received her BBA from the University of Georgia and her MBA from Kennesaw State University.

Shannon Ryan, CEO, ArchetypeDNA, Shannon is a Global brand strategy and engagement consultant, with expertise across mediums, including direct marketing, physical & virtual events, digital/interactive, and mobile

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Fred Blauer is a senior consultant with more than 20 years of experience providing information systems consulting, ERP implementation, syste
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