Ray Wang – why enterprise software sucks

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4 Responses to Ray Wang – why enterprise software sucks

  1. Rob Goris says:

    Funny and sad at the same time! Part of the problem is also that a Darwinistic selection by users is normally not an option. If you don´t like MySpace you throw it away and use the competitor. With enterprise software users normally don´t have a choice.

  2. fblauer says:

    This is an option with Open source enterprise software.

  3. Rob Goris says:

    Exactly! Open source enterprise software lets you go through different stages of adoption without losing the option to step out. If I were a user/business owner/business partner looking for an ERP, I would start with trying the product (as in demo.openbravo.com). How many proprietary vendors let you do this? Are they ashamed of their product? Don´t they want a prospect to look around without guidance (because of bad usability?) to avoid a negative perception? Don´t they want the competition to copy ideas?

  4. fblauer says:

    Yes, its a whole different approach which most mainstream businesses don’t seem to understand yet, (at least here in North America). Maybe you are ahead in this respect in Europe. You seem to have higher adoption rates for things like open source ERP. I see a lot of resistance to change, but that is what we need if we are going to improve success rates for implementations.

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