First-Hand Insight into Open Source Trends with Paul Daugherty

As a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing firm, Accenture’s client list includes corporations and government agencies in 120 countries. By blending deep industry knowledge with technology expertise, it has developed and implemented solutions for a wide variety of business challenges. We spoke with Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s Managing Director of Advanced Systems and Technology/ Technology Growth Platform, about the trends Accenture is seeing among its clients in the adoption of open source technologies and about Accenture’s best practices for deploying open source.

Based on Accenture’s research and the survey it conducted of its customer base this spring, what interest does Accenture see in open source technology?

Among our target client base, 78 percent are using open source technologies currently and 69 percent are planning to increase their budget around open source. In addition, 38 percent of companies surveyed said they expect to migrate mission critical software to open source in the next 12 months. These figures are based on a survey we conducted of 300 executives of large companies, primarily in North America, the United Kingdom and Ireland. So, we are seeing a strong commitment to open source and that commitment is increasing.

Initially, the main driver for adopting open source technology was cost savings. Is that still the case?

Interestingly, when we asked clients in the survey why they are using open source technology, the top answers this year were higher quality, improved reliability, and better security/bug fixing of the software. In the past, cost has been the main driver. We see clients starting to view open source as a technology that provides better business solutions and advantages in more ways than just cost. We are also seeing clients starting to apply open source to new areas. Open source is being used in business applications in areas like CRM, customer service, and finance and accounting.

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