Openbravo 3 : Spotlight on Retail Companies

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Retail companies face increased operational and IT complexity as they open new stores and introduce e-commerce, to reach more customers and increase customer loyalty. Total inventory investment must be kept under control, with stock outs minimized at each point of sale. Online price and inventory availability information must be accurate and always in sync with the back office. Store systems must be simple and efficient to minimize employee training and turnover, and maximize customer service. Retailers often face these challenges with limited IT resources–which points to a comprehensive, integrated retail management system to minimize integration costs.
Openbravo helps retail companies achieve regional, national, and even multi-national expansion with a complete business management system that seamlessly integrates all back office, inventory, and point of sale functions.
Openbravo provides these key features and benefits for Retail companies:

Point of Sale Retail is part of Openbravo’s powerful, integrated commercial offering for retail that leverages Openbravo 3, to scale from a rapid, single-store implementation to a full multi-national chain deployment–without the traditional high cost and IT complexity.

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