Openbravo ERP Software Downloads Surpass Two Million

Adoption Milestone Signals Maturity of Open Source ERP

 SAN FRANCISCO, May 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Openbravo, the Agile ERP company, today announced its flagship enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has been downloaded over two million times – making it the most popular open source ERP software in the world. Openbravo’s agile ERP solution is modular and extensible so can be ‘right-sized’ for any organization, in any industry, in any country with over 325 modules from which to choose. The download milestone underscores the growing momentum of open source adoption in the ERP software category.  

“The value of open source ERP is undeniable, and any organization that wants to gain competitive advantage by moving from spreadsheets and Quickbooks to an ERP needs to include an open source option during their evaluation,” said Paolo Juvara, CEO of Openbravo. “Not only have we seen an increase in the download rate of the Community Edition, but deployments of Openbravo Professional Edition have surged 197% in Europe and 110% in North America.”

The 2 million download milestone comes just two months after the release of Openbravo 3, which introduced the concept of ‘Agile ERP.’ This approach is a significant improvement over legacy ERP technology, which forces businesses to over-pay for massive, yet inflexible systems. Moreover, with Openbravo 3, organizations can deploy in as little as two weeks, and then add modular functionality as the needs of their business evolve.

Openbravo 3 is available in two editions, Professional and Community, both of which provide core ERP functionality for Finance, Sales, Procurement, Warehousing and Master Data. With the product’s Workspace functionality, Openbravo 3 adds business value beyond the traditional back-office role of ERP by allowing users to drag and drop information from other applications like email to create a virtual control center for all their work-related activity.

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About Openbravo

Downloaded over two million times, Openbravo is the world’s leading web-based Open Source ERP solution. The agile ERP company, Openbravo sells its Professional Edition exclusively through a global network of channel partners whose expertise provides rapid, cost-effective implementation services. Openbravo partners also provide deployment expertise for the rapidly growing selection of over 325 Openbravo modules that add localization and rich functionality to the core product. Openbravo has offices in the U.S., Spain, and India.

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Jasmine Teer
LEWIS Pulse PR for Openbravo
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