OpenERP Magento integration

Submitted by Arif on Wed, 04/20/2011 – 22:50

Magento is a good platform for front end of your web shop and Open ERP acts as a perfect back office application supporting all the business processes required by a company.

Connector Features  

  1. Product catalog export from OpenERP to Magento
  2. Product stocks updates, based on OpenERP virtual stocks (number of products in the physical stock that have not been reserved yet)
  3. Product Category tree export, including creation and update
  4. Sale orders imports from Magento to OpenERP

Requiremets and Step

1. OpenERP(Ver 6) moduls required

a) base_external_referentials

b) base_sale_multichannels

c) product_m2mcategories

d) magentoerpconnect-v6

2. magento-

a) Download link :
b) Extension : OpenERPConnector
c) Installation : Goto System >> Magento Connect >> Magento Connect Manager

Key in your username and password again and click on the second tab for settings and change preferred state to ‘Beta’. Save your settings and select page 1 (Extensions) and paste the following extension key in the box


To enable open ERP to access the resources in magento and synchronize, it is necessary to have a web services user. To create a web services user go to : System >> Web Service >>Roles

Create a new role e.g. ‘admin

Save the user and set resources access as: ALL 

Save the role and now create a web services user at: System >> Web Services >> Users 

Create a user, save the user and set the assigned role as the newly created role, in the above example ‘admin

The same settings have to be entered as credentials in the connector frontend in Open ERP at Magento >> Magento Web 

The user id will be the newly created user name and password the newly created password of the web services user.

3. OpenERP Configuration

1) Go to Magento Connection > Core Settings > Magento Instances

2) Create a new instance by clicking new

3) Give the connection a name

4) Select Referential Type

5) Location is your magento URL

6) Reload Referential Mapping Templates

7) Enter Username and password given at magento configuration

8) Click on Synchronize Referential Settings

Now the basic configuration of  OpenERP Magento is done, and you can use the functionalities like ‘Export Catalog’ which will export the products and categories to magento, ‘Import Orders’  which will import the Sales Orders from the magento to OpenERP.

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