Standing Cloud Launches Application Network

“App store and more” brings together end users, applications, plug-ins, cloud infrastructure and application specialists.

BOULDER, Colo., Jan. 26, 2011 – Standing Cloud, Inc. ( has launched the Standing Cloud Application Network (, the first “application network,” which extends the popular “app store” concept and addresses the specific needs of end users at small and medium-sized businesses.

The Standing Cloud Application Network brings together end users; applications and their plug- ins; cloud infrastructure providers; and the service providers who customize, support and deploy online applications ranging from CMS systems like Drupal, WordPress and Plone; CRM sys- tems like vTiger and SugarCRM; and other business tools like Status.Net, OpenVBX, as well as 70 other supported applications.

“The advent of the ʻapp storeʼ gave end users a way to find and buy applications, but it only works well for applications that stand alone. Weʼre creating a network around each application that helps end users find and shape complete solutions to business problems, and helps appli- cation specialists meet and develop new clients,” said David J. Jilk, Standing Cloud CEO.

The Standing Cloud Application Network is supported by Standing Cloudʼs signature application management service, which provides easy installation and management of more than 80 open source applications using cloud technology, as well as:

  • cloud application hosting
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • frequent, regular and accessible backups
  • auto-recovery (to another server or another cloud entirely in the case of downtime)
  • version management
  • scaling as application usage grows

“At Boru, we’re always on the lookout for new avenues to promote and extend our business. The Standing Cloud Application Network provides a new and unique channel for us connect to prospective customers. In addition, it gives Boru a streamlined and professional way to offer our own commercial CRM application to our clients,” said Standing Cloud Application Network part- ner Patrick OʼBrien, founder of Boru Inc., a Chicago-based sales software consulting firm that markets vTiger+.

Solution providers interested in getting involved with the Application Network should sign up as a Standing Cloud Partner. In addition to gaining visibility in the Application Network, partners get a range of benefits, including volume pricing and one free year of hosting for one application.

Standing Cloud is an application management software company that makes it easy to deploy and manage applications with reliability and control, using cloud technology. The service supports more than 80 open-source applications and world-class cloud providers, including Amazon, Rackspace, GoGrid, SliceHost, Softlayer and Tagadab, and offers one-click installations (including free test drives); round-the-clock monitoring and auto-restore, including restore to another cloud hosting service in the event of downtime; easy access to backup data; and root access. Target customers include SMB users who want to deploy applications on their own, and solution providers or IT professionals who want to save time, money and pain while maintaining a high level of control and reliability.

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Laura Rich
1+ 917-545-7174

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