PaymentEvolution – Canadian payroll solution for small and medium sized businesses


Get started in less than 5 minutes.

Start processing your payroll and getting your staff paid in less than 5 minutes with our easy to use interface and online access from anywhere. No waiting for software to download, no hidden fees, and no worries about record keeping. We give you full online access, electronic records and robust payroll processing with quick sign up anytime you are ready.


We provide you a very simple interface for your payroll. You can access it from any modern web browser.


Your data is secured in our state-of-the art data centers and replicated in several disaster recovery sites. We exceed industry practices for data security and are paranoid about keeping your data safe.


Whether you want to do a simple one-time calculation or run a year-end report, our service makes it simple for you to get the job done quickly.

You are in control.

Do you need to add a custom deduction? Pay union dues? PaymentEvolution gives you full control in adding these custom features without the huge costs others charge – its all included as part of our service.

Compare us:

PaymentEvolution Features PaymentEvolution Legacy payroll
Cloud based service
No software to install NO
Access from your web browser NO
Available anytime, anywhere NO
No annual fees NO
No backup and restores required NO
Multiple person access for delegation NO
Always available history NO
Data portability NO
No hardware to install NO
No tables to update NO
Always reflects the latest pay rules NO
For your employees
Employee self service NO
Electronic pay slips NO
Online timesheet entry NO
Full pay history NO
Ability to choose payment types NO
For your business
Business self service NO
Delegation and permisssion management NO
No per user fees NO
No per pay cycle fees NO
Easy wizard based payruns NO
Costing for GLs fully supported NO
Full reports included NO
T4s, records of employment etc included NO
No update fees NO
Multiple payment choices NO
Unlimited deductions NO
Unlimited benefits NO
Data portability with import and export NO
Full history included NO
Multiple pay periods supported (weekly, biweekly etc) NO
Mixed payroll (salaried, hourly etc) NO

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I trust doing my payroll online?

Do you email online? Do you do your banking online? If so, then you are probably comfortable managing your payroll online. We are paranoid about security and exceed government regulations and industry practices in safeguarding your data. We’re adamant about our privacy policy – we don’t sell, rent, loan or share any of your sensitive data and ensure that our processing partners share the same high standard. Naturally, we encourage you to practice safe computing (keep your system up to date, run a current anti-virus system and be sensible about phishing attempts).

2) Are you really free?

Yes! We don’t charge fees for processing payroll for companies with 5 or fewer employees. This isn’t some “light” or dumbed-down version of our service – it’s the full system. This isn’t a limited time offer or a time-limited trial. We want you to use the best tools to manage your business and believe payroll processing costs should not get in the way of your growth. When we ask Why Pay to Pay? – We mean it.Hopefully this means you’ll grow fast and when you have 6 or more employees our service is only $18/month. Flat. We don’t charge additional fees per employee, or fees per pay run, or ding you with arbitrary “just-because-we-can” fees. It’s only $18/month. Really.Our lawyers want you to know that your financial institution may charge you fees depending on how you process payments for your employees. Your bank charges these – we don’t … sorry.

3) I need to deduct funds for our employee coffee fund – can you do this?

Hey – don’t your employees deserve the occasional free cup of joe? Seriously – of course we can. Our system was designed to handle any number of custom deductions (and benefits). So when you want to setup that company automobile plan – we’re able to support it.

4) Can my staff get their pay history?

Yes! Since we’re fully online, we can provide your employees with a full electronic pay slip and all their earnings history. No need to print out stubs or keep histories for year-end reporting – we do all that for you. Your employees get access through a secure online site and have the freedom to print their own reports as needed.

5) Wow! You’ve made my payroll unboring!

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