OpenERP Apps for open source business applications

OpenERP is launching today its Apps library, where all the OpenERP-based applications are open source! With more than 1,000 applications and growing, available for free, OpenERP Apps is one of the world’s biggest repositories of enterprise management applications.

OpenERP Apps comprises complete applications like CRM, Accounting and Project Management as well as very specific applications like fleet management, marketing campaigns automation, e-Commerce integration, point-of-sale, etc. OpenERP Apps also includes vertical applications related to specific sectors. As an example, you will also find applications for managing hotels, auction houses, training centers, book stores, manufacturing industries, etc.

The Wikipedia of management Software

Like wikipedia, the open source applications of OpenERP Apps are developed collaboratively by OpenERP Partners, Customers or members of the community. The best of these applications are quality certified and maintained in the long term by OpenERP SA.

The OpenERP community produces around 30 new applications every month which makes OpenERP the fastest growing suite of open source business applications. The development of these applications are organized on Launchpad, Ubuntu’s development platform.

In order to develop, test, translate and continuously improve these applications, the OpenERP community is organized into teams of people having different roles in the development process:

translator teams, organized per country and language, translate and review all new terms. Each language team has between 1 and 3 leaders who are the only ones with rights to validate suggestions proposed by the team to integrate in the application,
expert teams are responsible for the quality control of the specifications. They are organized into functional groups: usability experts, financial experts, industry specific expert teams, marketing experts, etc.
localisation teams, organized by countries, are in charge of implementing the accounting and the payroll specific rules per country,
the community leader team is in charge of defining the way to organize the community and the development process
the quality team from OpenERP SA is in charge of reviewing all codes and merge proposals before integrating improvements in the official distribution of OpenERP.
Leverage through open source

Luc Maurer, director of Camp2Camp, an important contributor of OpenERP Apps explains: “The open source Apps library is a key differentiation for OpenERP compared to traditional competitors like SAP and Microsoft Dynamics who need years to build vertical applications. Applications are developed through our open source eco-system and monetized through our SaaS offer and partner network maintenance offers for on-site implementations.”

Go ahead and explore and upload your application today!

OpenERP Apps:

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