OPENERP > The Revolution has started! OpenERP V6 is OUT!

After a year and a half of hard but genius work, OpenERP has released its new version 6.0. More user-friendly, accessible, intuitive and ready to boost up your business. It’s a response to the needs of our customers, community and industries and the answer to today’s market. We are very grateful to our community and partners for their effort so far and for for the innovative ideas they brought.

Here is how you can test this exciting 6.0 version:

You can also download the free eBook that has been updated to the V6.0:

If you want to meet us, we are also organizing events all around the world with out partners to present the V6.0. You can check the calendar of future events on our website:


V6.0 Benefits and Improvements:

This new version comes with 256 new community modules as well as 79 new official modules including: payroll, HR recruitment & evaluation, marketing campaigns, Outlook & Thunderbird plugins, mobile phone synchronizations, accounting localisation for several countries, multi-company by default, business intelligence like reports, etc. Some existing modules have been completely reviewed like: a full featured CRM, an advanced Warehouse Management System, an easier to use Accounting.

One of the main goals of the V6 was to make it easier: to use, to configure and to install. Our usability experts designed a completely new user interface to allow new users to start easily with OpenERP and decrease the implementation efforts/costs. As part of this simplification, we developed:

  • Easy to use configuration wizards to setup a new database
  • A new and sexy design for the web interface
  • A simplified mode for users having very basic needs
  • A Business oriented and fully customizable search bar
  • An optional help message at the top of every screen, and improved tool tips on most fields.

On the framework side, we did a big cleaning of the code to make OpenERP even stronger:

  • An automated test engine as well as 1.362 automated tests to detect regressions and a new continuous integration server which tests every commit on each official branch.
  • A lot of speed improvements on several aspects which makes OpenERP v6 even faster.
  • An improved modularity between modules: report engine are available as modules, we removed some dependencies (you can now install sale without mrp or purchase, etc),
  • A big cleaning on the code of the modules and the framework
  • A new report engine based on webkit that produces HTML reports using mako templates

To get more information:

Since the early stage of OpenERP, our success has been partially based on our modularity system. This allowed us to grow very quickly on the new features packed as server side modules, based on the contributions of many. The version 6.0 of OpenERP introduces web client modules that allows you to create modules to improve the user interface.

The firsts modules developed are: an OpenID authentication to integrate with Google Apps, a pad module for collaborative writings of documents in real time, a wiki, a live chat support integrated in the application, a new type of view: diagram, a tool to share any document (attachment, list of tasks, support tickets, etc.) to your customer or supplier and the ability to add any widget (like google gadgets or others) in your main dashboard.

What’s new in the OpenERP Online offer ?


You can deploy the version 6.0 through our OpenERP Online offer in a few seconds. This gives you the freedom to use it from anywhere, anytime and it’s only for 39€/user per month. You get all the features of the open source version plus some cool and impressive improvements like: support level 1 included (functional support through the new live chat), two incremental backup servers per instance, high reliability hosting, automated migrations to each future version, a control center to manage monitoring, deployment, backups, dns, etc.

If you already use OpenERP online, you will receive in a few days the procedure to migrate your OpenERP v5 to OpenERP v6. If you don’t use OpenERP online yet, we propose you one month free trial so that you can test OpenERP V6 online, without having to install anything:


How to migrate if you use OpenERP On Site ?


OpenERP is the only ERP in the world that allows his customers to migrate at a fixed price (and very low-cost!) by providing a migration service fully included in the maintenance contract: the OpenERP Publisher Warranty.

In order to efficiently organize the migration process, we setup a dedicated team and migration server. If you want to upgrade OpenERP, you should contact your partner to organize the services: training to the new version, activation of new v6.0 features, deployment in production. To get more information about the migration process and migrate a database, OpenERP partners and customers can use the following page:

If you don’t have an OpenERP Publisher Warranty yet, we are launching an extension to our current OPW contract: new customers that purchases an OPW before the 31st of March 2011 will benefit from the upgrade v5.0 -> v6.0 at no extra cost. After this date, all migrations from an older version than the stable one at the date of the purchase of the OPW will be provided at an extra cost depending on the version. (4.2 will be more expensive than 5.0).

If you need more information, you can go to:


What do people think about OpenERP v6.0 ?

You can:


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