OpenErp > The long awaited OpenERP V6.0 RC2 is here!

As promised last year to our community, OpenERP has released V6.0 RC2. After working for a few months, along with our community we were able to release RC2 just in time for the beginning of 2011. So, don’t waste time and access and download V6.0 RC2 here

It’s ready to be tested and we are looking forward for your feedback on addons and for the web: Also, for other generic comments and feedback, please use the big Feedback button that should appear in your instance.

For a Demo of RC2 just access the following link:

Also, we have to remind you that it’s absolutely important to keep on helping us translated in time for the release of the V6.0 stable. We plan to release V6.0 stable on 17th January. So, here is the link with all the languages that are currently in progress of being translated: To see the entire list of languages, just click View all languages on the bottom, right side of the page.

If you have any doubts about the guidelines to translate in launchpad, please click here for more info:

You have the possibility to choose your favourite language in order to have only the summary of that specific language. Here is an example for Spanish: – just click on your preferred language on the general list.

Looking forward for your feedback and impressions!

Date : 6th January, 2011



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