What’s new in OpenERP 6.0 Accounting ?

I am back after a long time to discuss on the OpenERP and specially new features & enhancements in the Accounting system in new version. There are lots of improvement s to make it more simple to explore, user friendly and easy to use. There are small but important changes are terminology of the accounting terms, mature reports, easy predictable navigation of menus, and fully utilization of new features built for the OpenERP Framework Version 6.0.

If I list out some of the important developments and enhancements, it will be as follows:

  1. Re-structuring of Menus – now its very easy to predict and find the desired menus.
  2. Inbuilt multi-company feature – no need to install any module.
  3. Inbuilt multi-currency feature – no need to install any module.
  4. New legal reports – Profit & Loss account and Balance Sheet.
  5. Common Filter system for all Accounting Reports – filtering on dates, periods, journals, etc..
  6. Simplified entry system for accountants – Sales, Purchase, Payment and Receipt Entries.
  7. Improved Tax calculations.
  8. Cash Register.
  9. Easy to Tracking Invoices and Accounting Entries

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Fred Blauer is a senior consultant with more than 20 years of experience providing information systems consulting, ERP implementation, syste
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