Québec Government makes way for open source software in IT infrastructure

In what appears to be a 180 degree turn, Michelle Courchesne, Présidente du Conseil du Trésor of the government of Québec, announced that any governmental organization and any other entity depending on the government must consider open source software for any IT project, at the Salon du Logiciel Libre in Québec city

“Must” is highlighted here since she repeated it multiple times, with a sense of urgency and wishes to get ahead in open source software (article in French).

Not so long ago, local IT companies with an expertise in Linux and open source software, such as Savoir Faire Linux, had to file lawsuits at government agencies just to have the right to bid. IT directors from the government then didn’t took seriously “open source heads”, with maybe a belief that serious infrastructure needed multi-million dollar licenses from Microsoft or Oracle.

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