Getting the most out of HRM module in OpenERP

Understanding the core competencies of your workforce is very important as not only can you map the current requirements but also you can make predictions about your future needs. Only through such analysis can you evaluate the compatibility of your employees’ goals in your organization as well as build a corporate culture throughout the organization. And that’s what OpenERP kept in mind when designing the Human Resource Management module.

Where should you start with the HR Module?

One of the first steps you should take is to decide who will be the users of your system. Employees roles and functions must be understood before they are defined in OpenERP. The next step is defining the employees as well as defining the hierarchy of reporting which might alter based on the organizational structure. A new employee can be defined from:
Human Resources -> Employees -> New Employees.

The entire profile of the employee can be maintained by filling out the address and other contact details; keep a track of debit and credit accounts – i.e. keep track of the salary payments.

Keep track of the employee contracts

Using the module hr_contract one can link employee records with their contracts. All the details of the contract including Employee functions,starting and ending dates, working hours per day and wage type can all can be mentioned. Hence if the employer wishes he/she can bring a lot of transparency in the employee-employer relationship.

Enter your attendance

One might remember the attendance register in the good old days to keep record of sign-in/sign-out timings. Well hr_attendance module in OpenERP takes care of the entire process, including entering the project you are working on. Many times employees forget to Sign out at the end of the day, in such circumstances they can manually feed the timings the very next day.

Integrated with holiday requests

Using the module Hr_holidays we can put forward a holiday request. The number of permissible holidays for the user would be available there. The request then is forwarded to the manager and the HR department who would make the decision on whether to grant the holiday or not.

Fig 1: Holiday Request

Use timesheets for projects as well

When your employees are working on multiple projects it becomes necessary to calculate the amount of time they spent on each project. So an employee fills the time spent on each project every day. This sheet is directly submitted to the project Manager for validation. The validation can be triggered by specific period of time (weekly, monthly, annually) etc. You can also remunerate your employee if you are charging your client on an hourly rate. Hr_timesheet_invoice module handles the analytical accounting part.

Fig 2: Daily timesheet

Track expenses per project

Compatible with the Hr_Timesheet_Invoice module this enables us to automatically re-invoice our customer’s expenses based on the work done on the project. Thus it becomes easier to reimburse the employee.


We all know the importance of payroll module in maintaining the salary accounts of the employees. Not only can we maintain the salary heads of the employee but also in case of asynchronous employee bonus one can define the commission or incentives individually.

Plan periodic evaluation

OpenERP allows you to choose between several types of evaluation processes: bottom-up, top-down, self evaluation and final evaluation by the manager. Interview Requests are generated automatically by OpenERP according to the employee’s evaluation plan. Each manager and eventually colleagues receive automatic emails and requests to perform an evaluation for a given employee.

Follow recruitment

OpenERP is integrated with your email gateway so that incoming emails are directly delivered into HRM as an application request along with attachments. You can define your own recruitment process at the same time you can also define templates which would be automatically send at various stages of recruitment process.


We already discussed about generating invoice via timesheets. Monthly and yearly analysis of timesheets can be done based on the invoice generated which in turn can be used to generate expense reports. Similarly an analysis is possible based on analytical accounts.
Reports on available holidays,leaves in the month and leaves taken by department can also be generated in the Reporting module.

So start installing all the modules related to HR, explore them today and see how much your company can benefit from them.



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