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We tend to put a lot of emphasis on xTuple ERP here since that is clearly the most influential project we sponsor as indicated by its consistent #1 ranking on Source Forge (yes, that’s right… #1 of over 240,000 projects). My recent kudos to the many xTuple contributors were focused almost exclusively on the PostBooks project. However, I also need to give praise where it is due to major contributors of the original xTuple open source project: OpenRPT. Open source contributor Ilya Diallo contributed print preview capability to OpenRPT and superstar full time developer Chris Ryan both wrote and rewrote OpenRPT almost entirely. Both efforts have a significant impact on xTuple ERP 3.6.
For those of you who don’t know, OpenRPT is the xTuple sponsored graphical report writer and renderer tool that is a cornerstone of xTuple ERP. It is an open source counterpart to Crystal Reports, and could also be considered an alternative to Java based Jasper Reports that doesn’t have the proprietary dependancies of either of them. Amazingly, Chris did the original write of OpenRPT single handedly.
Since that original write, OpenRPT was put on Source Forge as a GPL project that was later relicensed as LGPL. Since then, we’ve had a few community members jump in and embellish it with various features, but surely the most significant was Ilya’s contribution of print preview pictured below:

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