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Posted Fri, 07/23/2010 – 21:27 by jrogelstad

It’s easy for us full time developers to get sucked into blogging mostly about our own achievements in a release cycle. However, as an open source project I don’t think we should neglect shining the spotlight on contributions from our community.  After all, these are the people using the software in the real world and trying to solve real world problems with it.  In fact well over 100 contributions have been implemented in the core in the 3.5.x series already.  Project Time & Expense, Support for electronic banking in Austrailia, saving files directly to the database,  G/L Account mappings for cost elements, a new Incident report, more ubiquitous use of the Job Costing report, increasing price precision for P/O and an API view for accounts payable memos are some of my favorites.

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