SugarCRM Releases Sugar 6 And Ties Up With Cloud Vendors

SugarCRM, the open source CRM company founded in 2004, has announced the release of their latest version, Sugar 6. With this release, SugarCRM is trying to focus on making it easier and flexible for users to use CRM systems. In fact, many users are completely lost when it comes to using CRM. The complexity and lack of good user experience are considered to be the main reasons for this. This release focusses on substantially improving the user experience by offering a clean, bold look with new buttons and icons that allow users to perform tasks more easily while increasing the information density of each screen. In short, the idea is to make the CRM be flexible and convenient to users needs than users spending time to understand the UI and the complexities associated with it. They have achieved this by focusing on the user friendliness of their menu bars.

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