2010 Small Business Accounting Review of SaaS Products

Here is a good review of various small business accounting and ERP SAAS solutions – my only caution – beware of vendor lock-in (These solutions are not open source so you cannot backup the applications – only the data). This may be ok for some companies, but not others.

There is a lot of information here, and it is worth reading. Here is the article:

“For those who still don’t quite understand the whole “cloud computing” movement, don’t worry. You don’t really need to know what it is to be a part of it. In fact, you already are a part of it.

Much of the things we do for our professional and personal lives are now done through web-based programs, and with the continued movement of small and mid-sized business accounting systems to online platforms, businesses and their accountants will continue to move increasingly toward the cloud model. As more and more of our business data is hosted through online programs, more and more of it is available to other programs you use for professional or personal purposes. This interconnectivity between web-based programs is part of the definition of this cloud. Imagine a world where your client’s accounting data would be seamlessly integrated with your write-up package, where reconciliations would be virtually instant, where financial data could be streamed directly into your planning or preparation systems. Zero data-entry accounting. That is what the cloud will soon mean for professional practices.”

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