Cloud based system for accounting professionals

I recently came across this Cloud based system for accounting professionals called Power Practice Systems:

Watch our Video Demo and find out.

View Client Collaboration Demo

Here is the marketing blurb:

“The Power Practice System is helping accountants like you grow their practices, save time and money, and forge stronger client relationships. Power Practice includes eight practical, innovative, powerful yet easy-to-use solutions that work together seamlessly to solve the key problems you face in your day-to-day work. And of course, we’ve also managed to keep those solutions highly affordable

But that’s not all.

Our Web-based Power Practice System also delivers two unprecedented capabilities to your practice.

* Allows you to collaborate with your clients in an entirely new way. This enhances two of your core services – accounting and payroll – and makes them more profitable.
* Helps you streamline your processes and create a smoother workflow. This improves productivity across your entire practice.”

We are working with similar solutions, however we tend to favor ones that are built on open source platforms rather than proprietary ones for various reasons.

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Fred Blauer is a senior consultant with more than 20 years of experience providing information systems consulting, ERP implementation, syste
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